Winter Warm-Up! Deluxe

Winter may be nearing it's end, but the weather outside is still frightful! Cozy up with the Winter Warm-Up artpack!

Featuring 26 red-hot pieces by 26 red-hot artists, the Winter Warm-Up artpack is sure to bring the heat this chilly season for the balmy price of $10.00! 

Not hot enough for you? For as little as five dollar more, instantly gain access to 54 MORE unique drawings, not counting various edits, PSD files, time-lapse GIFs, and 2 animations! This sizzling offer only gets hotter for the 3 most generous buyers, who receive extra rewards for going above and beyond!

Reward tiers consist of:

1st place: Full drawing by Dattebayo, PonyQuarantine, Squat pony by Jargon Scott, sketch by Whydomenhavenipples

2nd place: Two lineart drawings by Dattebayo, colored Sketch by Batsy

3rd place: Sketch by Dattebayo, Toofat, Parfait

(All above reward are subject to each respective artist's standard commission rules, such as subject matters that they will not draw)

Where do the proceeds go, you may ask? Personally, we here running this artpack seek to get away from these cold temperatures and retreat somewhere...sunnier.

100% of all proceeds go towards the funding of a brand new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention for adult fans, planned for Fall of 2023 in sunny, sunny Florida by the name...

...of Mare Fair!

Brought to you by a dedicated group of superfans known as Snowpity Inc., we're a nonprofit organization seeking 501(c)(3) status with a simple mission: to run events in the fandom that will raise money to bring about the betterment and welfare of horse's lives. In pursuit of this goal, we're committed to running one of the best cons ever made by focusing on what truly unites us all together: Mares. And we need YOUR help to do it.

A major announcement is expected soon, and supporters of this artpack will be among the very first to be in the know, so this winter, get away from the cold and cozy up with the Winter-Warm Up artpack!

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USD 15.00

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